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17902 La Cantera Parkway, San Antonio, Texas 78257

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1) Where can I find the Association Governing Documents?

Click on the Documents tab

2) How can I get a Resale Certificate?

The Community Manager fills out Resale Certificates and provides the requested documents. There is a fee for a Resale Certificate.  Ask the Association Office.

3) How can I get the balance of my account?

Contact the Association Office and place your request.

4) Where do I throw Recycles?

There are 2 recycle carts located next to the dumpsters at the back of the property.

5) How do I schedule a Cleaning?

Contact the Association Office to place your request.

6) How can I request a work order?

Contact the Association Office to place your request.

7) Where do I find out about other units that are for sale?

Contact a Realtor or check on the internet.

8) My Cable, Internet is not working?

Contact Spectrum at 1-833-697-7328 have your account number, account phone number, and/or address ready.

9) Where do I submit my questions, or concerns?

The Ricchi Luxury Condominium Association, Inc.

17902 La Cantera Parkway
San Antonio, Texas 78257

Directions: IH 10E, take exist 555 La Cantera Parkway, turn right at the first light onto La Cantera Pkwy, travel approximately 1 mile, property is located on the right side.